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My Personal Communication Philosophy: On Otherness and Service

There was a time when I did not realize that communication had a dramatic effect on my relationships, career, and identity; when poor communication adversely affected my ability to cultivate a relationship, manage conflict, raise my children, or create professional success.  In retrospect, communication was a one-sided affair.  I just said what I said without … Continue reading

Wrestling with an Angel: The Importance of Stuart Hall’s Cultural Studies to Communication Theory

Describing Stuart Hall’s Cultural Studies from the perspective of theorizing communication is somewhat counter-intuitive.  Hall’s journey did not begin with a desire to theorize communication, rather, to make intellectual sense of the social world in order to intervene intelligently and help change it.  Thus, Hall’s work is interdisciplinary, and more properly considered cultural studies, rather … Continue reading

All Theory is not Equal: Evaluating Communication Theory

While the meaning of theory may not be contested ground in academia, theory remains controversial in the public sphere.  For instance, the theory of evolution is widely criticized as only a theory by school boards that propose teaching creationism or intelligent design as part of their science curriculum (Harris, 2013).  In addition, theory can be … Continue reading

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